On Monday, October 7, 2019 several prisoners at the Clallum Bay Correctional Facility began to observe a Hunger Strike. Below is their list of demands:

TO: The Department of Corrections and Clallum Bay Correctional Center

Given our current situation and increasingly detrimental conditions, we have no choice but to search for an alternative to make our voices be heard and demands met. The administration has shown a lack of understanding and unwillingness to take an honest and serious constructive action to rectify the prison environment.

Our alternative is by all means a non-violent demonstration, therefore we will not be participating in work “programs”, mainline, and recreational periods until the administration complieswith our demands, and compromises in takin steps toward positive change regarding the parts of our demands that can not be changed immediately. All changes must be done in an inclusive form, taking usinto consideration in the decision-making process. Our representatives will be able to sit down and have a dialogue, a constructive one, with the administration.

  • We demand a thorough revision of the kitchen menu. We refuse to accept any sack-breakfast, sack-lunch, or sack-dinner. We demand better food quality (fresh vegetables and fruit, and better prepared meals). We oppose any CI food, every institution is capable of preparing better meals if given the opportunity, especially if gardens within the institutions are taken advantage of. Our demand would cost less money to the Department of Corrections, and could potentially create job opportunities, making our prison environment better.
  • We demand a full restoration of our regular recreation schedule, the unnecessary lock-downs and/or delaying and cancelling of our recreation periods for minor incidents must stop. Likewise, we demand “pull-up and dip bars in all close custody dayroom; and a split-pod dayroom (The way gym is currently done) allowing us to have 3 dayroom periods of one hour each.
  • We demand a full revision of the Department of Correction’s Job/Work policy (Class I, II, and III). Our labor is fundamentally important to keep the prison system running. We have been “earning” the same amount since we can remember; however, store items’ price have gone up around 200% in the last 15 years. Therefore, we demand a reasonable increase across all Jobs’ “compensation” in order to keep doing the necessary work to keep this “environment” running.
  • We demand the abolition of the distorted GVR Policy (Gang Violence Reduction/Forbidden 3 Policy). It has not created any positive changes/results and it won’t since it’s disconnected from reality. Prisoners of today are not more violent than those 20 years ago, the problem resides in the current prison conditions created by the administration.
  • We demand that the Department of Corrections take a serious approach in regard to holding private vendors (J-pay Inc., GTL, Union Supply Direct) responsible and accountable for any delays/violations with their services.
    • J-Pay Inc: We pay enough money for its “disservice”, it can take months to fix a kiosk.
    • GTL: Phone calls are too expensive compared to other states.
    • Union Supply Direct: Products are too expensive and quality is low. Better products, lower prices, changes need to be made
  • Finally, other demands regarding the visiting room, prison gardens, hobby shops, etc. will be discussed through ourrepresentatives. We ask for your understanding, commitment and support for new ideas and proposals.


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