A Call to Action

The community incarcerated at Clallam Bay Correctional Center (CBCC) have observed a peaceful hunger strike to improve conditions on the inside.

The Department of Corrections (DOC) has retaliated against them and is isolating anyone that they suspect is connected to the hunger strikes. This includes transferring folks to further isolated spaces, placing the populations on lockdown, and stopping external communications.

This is a call to action for those of us on the outside sympathetic to the humble demands of the hunger strikers to pressure the DOC in support of the demands and to end the retaliation against the hunger strikers

A. Call and Email the WA DOC Today!

  • Stephen Sinclair (Director) 360-725-8810; 360-725-8213; sdsinclair@doc1.wa.gov
  • Janelle Guthrie (Director of Communications) 360-725-8737; doccorrespondenceunit@doc1.wa.gov
  • Robert Herzog (Assistant Secretary) 360-725-8226; rlherzog@doc1.wa.gov
  • Donald Holbrook (Walla Walla Superintendent) 509-526-6300; drholbrook@doc1.wa.gov
  • Jeri Boe (Clallam Bay Superintendent) 360-963-3204; jlboe@doc1.wa.gov

Jay Inslee (WA State Governor) 360-902-4111; jay.inslee@gov.wa.gov

  1. To Stop the Retaliation.

2. To Meet the Hunger Striker Demands.

B. Circulate these Infagraphics to Inform more people about this historical moment.

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